“Irene is a thorough, collaborative, and insightful partner. She develops a detailed understanding of the challenge at hand, serves as an effective translator between programmatic needs/wishes and technological possibilities, and helps identify the most strategic path forward with an eye toward impact and the bottom line. We are so grateful for her engagement with us!”

– Erin Cox
/ President of uAspire

“Irene is a true find. Smart, out-of-the-box thinking with practical measurable results.

Irene is one of those few people who is totally focused on making a positive impact on an organization, with no noise or dramatics, just solid, focused effort. So many people talk a good game: Irene gets results and they are genuine improvements on processes. I do not think anyone can make a professional organization more effective and efficient than she can. No nonsense, big positive effect, easy to work with.

She is a true innovator. Irene thought about how it [the process] could be more streamlined at a fraction of the price, and reached out to fix something most other people didn’t even perceive as broken. She had total clarity on the application requirements, and working with her as the subject area expert was a pleasure. Another good indicator is anyone on my team would go the extra mile to make sure her project was a success. The end result was significant financial efficiencies while at the same time unburdening customers: a real win-win.”

– David M. Tenenbaum
/ CEO MerlinOne Inc.

“Throughout the project I worked on with Irene, she was adept at working with the team involved. She steadily provided insightful feedback and encouragement to all while ensuring that the team moved to understand design, technique and data in thoughtful ways. I wish all my projects had such a skillful and wise shepherd!”

– Randi Cohen, Ph.D.
/ Principal, Beetrix LLC

“Irene Mauch served as a pivotal member of the team that created and tested an original set of financial rules of thumb, aimed at helping U.S. consumers carry less revolving credit card debt.

The Rules of Thumb project is a ground-breaking research project that promises to bring a novel, effective form of financial education to the American public. Irene’s work was essential to the program design that is at the heart of the randomized controlled trial research study.

During the course of the project, Irene proved invaluable in a number of ways. She developed concise language that accurately reflected the concept and intent of the rules of thumb guidance statements; created the messaging used to gain attention for the rule statements from the study participants; and defined the media and message delivery schedule, to disseminate the rules among our approximately 15,000+ participants. Irene also participated in the technology integration needed to execute the study, and help to draft a menu of proposals of different options for how to implement the rules of thumb interventions.

Lastly, Irene acted seamlessly as an integral part of a complicated, long-term research and design project, requiring constant coordination across four organizations, and negotiating the frequent obstacles involved in government work. CFPB is grateful for Irene’s valuable contributions to this important project.”

– Susan G. Kerbel, Ph.D.
/ Behavioral Scientist Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

“Irene’s broad knowledge of the industry, her ability to work across and in the vertical departments along with her diverse knowledge of technology makes her and an ideal consultant for large and small projects. Irene’s drive and ability to succeed sets her apart from the industry. Irene can take broad concepts and make them a detailed reality through her logical approach to problem solving coupled with a distinct eye to detail.”

– Wade Sendall
/ VP IT, Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC

“We worked with Irene of The Mauch Group on the installation of an advertising front end system. The insight and expertise she brought to our project was invaluable. She saw workflow improvements and efficiencies that wouldn’t have been realized without her. With our internal team also juggling their core job responsibilities, Irene’s role was critical to the success of our implementation. She brought a new perspective, energy, and exceptional project management skills to our engagement. We would most definitely use her services again.”

– Lisa DeSisto
/ CEO Maine Today Media

“Irene provided invaluable marketing expertise for work on a large randomized controlled trial funded by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to test rules of thumb for financial literacy education. Her knowledge of the financial arena helped us to choose a financial partner for the study, plan the intervention, choose which media channels to test, and create the rules and marketing elements.”

– Christina Plerhoples, Ph.D.
/ Research Associate, Urban Institute