Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Irene earned a BS in Industrial Management from Purdue University, and began a lifelong interest in empowering individuals and businesses to work better.


Irene’s multidisciplinary background in management, IT and marketing facilitated her career advancement through General Motors and The Boston Globe, a subsidiary of The New York Times Co, Inc. Irene has cultivated a unique ability to approach issues holistically, to spot patterns and to find clarity in the chaos of everyday business. During her tenure at The Boston Globe, for example, she led process redesigns in Advertising, Marketing, Finance and Production.


While education and experience are crucial, Irene’s demeanor and passion for helping others contributes equally to her success. This helps her to ask the right questions, and listen carefully to her clients’ answers. It drives her to dig for the countless factors and difference-making details that surround problems and reveal solutions. Most importantly, it helps her to inspire the people around her to strive for the perfect end result that your organization needs.
Irene is a true find. Smart, out-of-the-box thinking with practical measurable results. Irene is one of those few people who is totally focused on making a positive impact on an organization, with no noise or dramatics, just solid, focused effort. So many people talk a good game: Irene gets results and they are genuine improvements on processes. I do not think anyone can make a professional organization more effective and efficient than she can. No nonsense, big positive effect, easy to work with.
- David M. Tenenbaum
/ CEO MerlinOne Inc.
Throughout the project I worked on with Irene, she was adept at working with the team involved. She steadily provided insightful feedback and encouragement to all while ensuring that the team moved to understand design, technique and data in thoughtful ways. I wish all my projects had such a skillful and wise shepherd!
- Randi Cohen, Ph.D.
/ Principal, Beetrix LLC